who are we?

Since 1974, Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach has been providing an important service to homebound Virginia Beach residents not only by the delivery of a hot lunch and a brown-bag dinner, but also in the personal touch that volunteers provide.

For some of our clients, it’s the only human contact they have all day. These can be important safety checks for those who are convalescing, the elderly or the handicapped.

We believe that by working together, we can ensure our homebound neighbors stay safe, perhaps keep them out of nursing homes, and help them maintain their dignity.

Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach is a local, non-profit corporation, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Various standing committees provide additional guidance and project support. We do not receive state or federal support; program and operating costs are funded through client fees for the meals we provide, community donations, and specific fundraising events.

“Per dollar given, more gets to the needy people than any organization I’ve seen.”

Homer Cunningham, Founder, Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach

Who do we serve?

We serve both short- and long-term homebound clients who need hot meals delivered.

Our short-term clients include those recuperating from an illness or those who usually have relatives care for them, but must be left alone temporarily.

Clients who have long-term needs are evaluated periodically to determine their need for continued service. Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach cooperates with other community services to ensure that all recipients are receiving proper care.

Determining what a client needs begins with a personal interview. We make a special effort to evaluate each home. We also make the appropriate referrals for situations where other community services are needed.

"The hot meals smell really good waiting in our vehicles to be delivered."
Susan Moore, Volunteer

"You always make smiles happen."
Virginia Beach Client

"I'm a volunteer who delivers meals, smiles and kind words. The folks who receive them seem very grateful and appreciative."
Susan Moore, Volunteer

"I am beyond grateful for the Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach program and its many wonderful volunteers."
Sandi Brookshire, Family Member

"I feel like my mother's in that kitchen"
Virginia Beach Client

"You provided an invaluable service to my mother for many years and I am so appreciative!"
Sandi Brookshire, Family Member

“Per dollar given, more gets to the needy people than any organization I’ve seen.”

"We are sad if we find out that a regular delivery is cancelled because the recipient has passed on. And glad when someone recovers and their deliveries resume."

"There’s a man on my route who is so incredibly appreciative of this service because it is the only thing that lets him still live by himself. If it weren't for Meals on Wheels of VB, he would have to move into assisted living. I'm so glad to be a part of that."
C.P., Volunteer