New volunteer? Need a refresher? Here’s all you need to know.

Volunteering Basics

Getting Started

Once you’ve submitted an application and have spoken to us, the volunteer coordinator will contact you for an orientation, which will provide you with more information about us, outlines the Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach service to our clients, and explains your important role as you deliver the meals.

After you’ve attended an orientation, you’ll be scheduled to deliver meals with a partner on your first day.

Where and When to Meet

  • All volunteers should arrive at Kings Grant Presbyterian Church at 745 Little Neck Road in Virginia Beach.
  • You will pick up the meals between 10:30 am and 10:45 am.

Choosing Your Schedule

Schedules are usually set up by choosing a day or week that your group will be available. For example, a volunteer who wishes to come twice a month and is available only on Wednesdays can choose to come in on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

The Director of Volunteer Services will work with you and arrange a schedule that meets both your needs and the Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach service.

Job Requirements

Volunteers or groups are asked to donate at least one day (two hours) per month. Meals are delivered Monday through Friday from 10:45 am until about 1:00 pm. Although most routes take no more than two hours, occasionally more time will be required due to traffic or other unexpected conditions. 

As a Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach Driver/Rider, you:

  • Should use your own car and gas to deliver meals to homebound adults along a predetermined route.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance.
  • Will report any problems and concerns regarding directions of the meal recipient to the Executive Director.

Changing Your Volunteer Time

Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach is TOTALLY dependent on volunteers for the delivery of service. If you cannot come in on a scheduled day, please let the Volunteer Coordinator for your group know as soon as possible so substitute volunteers can be contacted and scheduled. Please call or text the office at (757) 419-8810 with the name and phone number of your substitute. If no one picks up, please leave a message that includes your name, your group’s name, and your substitute’s name and phone number.

Important Volunteering Details

Working With Recipients

  • If a recipient does not answer the door, DO NOT LEAVE THE MEAL ON THE GROUND! First, check to make sure you are at the correct address or apartment, and that there aren’t any instructions indicating you should leave the meal in a special place or a cooler the client has left out for you. If instructions have not been given then place the meal in a plastic bag and place on the door knob and text or call the office. Then proceed to your next delivery.
  • Never give a client additional food unless it is an extra meal from the program. If there are any extra meals at the end of your route, give them to the last client or whomever you feel could benefit from the extra good that is part of the Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach program.
  • When you’re making a delivery, observe the physical well being of the recipient. If you have any concerns, call the Executive Director. In case of an emergency, DO NOT MOVE THE RECIPIENT or administer any first aid. Call 911 for an ambulance. Then call the Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach office and report the situation. Do not leave the recipient until help has arrived.
  • Be sure to dress in comfortable clothes.
  • All information regarding recipients is confidential. Please do not discuss our clients with other people.
  • Never administer any type of medication at any time.

Safety Hints While Delivering Meals

  • Always deliver in groups of two. This is why we specifically have a Driver and a Rider.
  • Identify yourself as a Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach volunteer. We have t-shirts available for your use.
  • Always lock your car when it’s unattended.
  • Do not walk into a group of people (either outside or in a home) if you feel the least bit uncomfortable with the group. Call or TEXT Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach as soon as possible to let them know you could not make the delivery. If the office does not pick up the phone, just leave a message on the voice mail — or text the situation to (757) 419-8810. Be sure to state your delivery route, your name, and your phone number so we can return your call.
  • If for any reason, it’s impossible to complete your route, call the office.

Other Volunteer Opportunities


Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach depends on fundraising in order to operate. If you are interested in fundraising or putting together fundraising events for us, please contact the Executive Director.


If you are interested in helping with articles for a newsletter or want to assist making a newsletter, please contact the Executive Director.

Public Speaking

If you are interested in public speaking to a designated group, please notify the Executive Director to get information.

Volunteer Input

Volunteers are welcome at any time to make suggestions or express concerns to the Executive Director.

Please know that you are the core of the program. Without the selfless giving of your time, Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach would not be able to fulfill its mission.

"The hot meals smell really good waiting in our vehicles to be delivered."
Susan Moore, Volunteer

"You always make smiles happen."
Virginia Beach Client

"I'm a volunteer who delivers meals, smiles and kind words. The folks who receive them seem very grateful and appreciative."
Susan Moore, Volunteer

"I am beyond grateful for the Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach program and its many wonderful volunteers."
Sandi Brookshire, Family Member

"I feel like my mother's in that kitchen"
Virginia Beach Client

"You provided an invaluable service to my mother for many years and I am so appreciative!"
Sandi Brookshire, Family Member

“Per dollar given, more gets to the needy people than any organization I’ve seen.”

"We are sad if we find out that a regular delivery is cancelled because the recipient has passed on. And glad when someone recovers and their deliveries resume."

"There’s a man on my route who is so incredibly appreciative of this service because it is the only thing that lets him still live by himself. If it weren't for Meals on Wheels of VB, he would have to move into assisted living. I'm so glad to be a part of that."
C.P., Volunteer