We are committed to serving all those who are homebound and in need of home-delivered meals, regardless of their ability to pay. And that’s where you come in…

Over the course of one year, Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach volunteers typically deliver more than 110,000 meals. If they are able to pay in full, our clients pay $195 for the month’s meals. However, about 45% of those who receive meals cannot afford to pay the entire cost, and about 28% need full financial support. This is why we need your help!

donate $45 to feed your neighbor for one week

donate $195 to feed your neighbor for one month

donate $1,170 to feed your neighbor for six months

donate $2,340 to feed your neighbor for one year

All of us working together can make this happen.


Where does our support come from?
Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. We are not associated with any other agency and have no affiliation with the Foodbank. Also, we are not funded through any federal, state or city program. We rely totally on contributions from our community and from various clubs and organizations that raise money for us.

If you believe in what we do and want to help, we are so grateful. As this is a need that repeats daily, if you want to help ensure that we will be at someone’s door with a hot, nutritious meal and a warm smile, we encourage you to consider a sustaining donation.

And we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

If you’d like to reach out, please contact us by phone and we’ll walk you through the online donation process, or consider sending a generous check to help us fill this important need in our community.